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Linda Hjortshoj has studied and taught yoga and movement for some 30 years. Her interest in bodies has led to the study of Yoga, Aplomb, Continuum Movement, Alexander Technique, and Ayurveda. She has developed a compassionate and intuitive ability to work with specific problems, both privately and in the classroom. She teaches with gentleness and encouragement, nudging students along in their exploration of awareness and alignment. Her hope is to facilitate an openness that does not hold onto disease, trauma, or fixed ideas.

"The most damaging thing we can do to our bodies is to have a fixed idea" Mabel Todd in The Thinking Body.

Howard Bartle began teaching in the University of Massachusetts art department many years ago and has since taught art at virtually every level. He has also worked as a homesteader, builder, woodworker, truck driver, and potter. His experiences in the "real world" have given him a good understanding of how Yoga can be invaluable in dealing with back pain, poor posture, and one's general health and outlook. "I became deeply interested in Zen at age 18, but I don't think that I knew its true nature until learning yogic breathing techniques over two decades later." Howard's beginning classes present a practical, careful, and fun introduction to Yoga, offering about 10 breathing techniques, along with a wide range of Yoga poses, both restorative and active.

Both Linda and Howard continue to be students of Yoga, attending seminars and workshops to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding, paying particular attention to teaching techniques. Two of their favorite teachers are Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten. "We feel that a life in Yoga is not a destination, but a voyage."


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